800,000 Buried in Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Today we went to Pere Lachaise Cemetrery.  There are 70,000 tombs and 800,000 buried here.  How is that possible?  Each tomb has numerous bodies, and once buried here, you don’t necessarily get to stay.  You only get so much time before you’re moved to somewhere else.  Famous tombs we saw, Jim Morrison of the Doors, Edith Piaf, Moliere, Oscar Wilde, Gertrude Stein, Moliere and many more.  Our tour guide, Ferret (yes) was great.  He had music from some of the singers and tried to creep us out with scary stories.

It’s kind of crazy all the tombs.  It went on forever.

After the morning here, we went to a little bistro for lunch.  I had quiche of the day and Lloyd a salad.  Food here is so fresh and well composed.

This afternoon we explored the Picasso Museum.  The largest collection of Picasso works in one place.  Picasso’s first wife, Olga is the subject of hundreds of his paintings.  There was an entire floor dedicated to his relationship with Olga and his painting.  Hundreds of paintings of her.  From the beginning when they are in love and after the love is over for another 10 years.

For dinner we sailed on the Bateaux Parisiens.  We sailed up and back on the River Seine and had our gourmet dinner and endless wine. The boat is glass on top and sides and gives us a view of all the monuments along the Seine.  Of course, the Eiffel Tower where we started and ended and the Musee D’Orsay, Musee L’Orangerie, Musee Louvre, Ile de St Louis and then back.  Having some technical issues.  If I get them solved, I’ll post some great pictures.

Tomorrow the medieval town of Chartres and the amazing cathedral.