Bordeaux is a charming city

Today we took a walking tour through Bordeaux to see the historical squares and learn about its origins and progression through history.  Bordeaux has squares, plazas, statues, wine bars, high end shopping, clubs and lots of restaurants.  The history of Bordeaux is rich and is tied completely to wine and wine production.  The various regions around the city of Bordeaux have different types of grapes for different types of wine.

Later we stopped at a crepe restaurant for lunch.  A crepe and salad for lunch with some ice cream for dessert.  We have been suffering a heat wave in Paris and here in Bordeaux all week.  Today was no different, hot and humid.  Clouds amassed and suddenly, thunder, lightning and a downpour. Just as we were taking a taxi to the Quai where we were going to catch the River Royale for our Uniworld river cruise.  The cruise ship is fully air conditioned, so we were excited to be here.  After unpacking and cooling down, we hit the lounge for a glass of wine…or three.

A river cruise ship is different from an ocean cruise ship.  It is flat bottomed and much smaller.  Only 99 people on our voyage.  Lots of adventures in the days to come.

Charming restaurant in Bordeaux
Lunch of Crepes and Gallettes