Day trip to Chartres

We got up early and headed toward the train station, Gare Montparnasse. We took the train to Chartres, a medieval town about 1 1/4 hours from Paris.  The cathedral there is one of the most important example of Gothic Cathedrals in Europe.  But that is only a tease.  The story of this Cathedral is epic as is the holy relic that they have revered since 875 A.D.  The relic is the veil that the Virgin Mary wore as she gave birth to the baby Jesus.  The veil is on display in the cathedral for all to see.  It only takes faith to see the beauty and miracle of the veil.  That being said, we signed up for the 2:45 pm English tour with Anne Marie.  The other daily tour is at noon.  The cost is 10 euro per person.  It is so worth it.  We loved the tour of the crypt and the cathedral.  Anne Marie is more knowledgeable than many guides would ever be.

On Friday nights you can take a tour under the cathedral without lights, candles only, to get a real sense of what it is like in the middle ages.

There is also a stained glass museum and an art museum.  From April to October, at sundown is the Lumieres et Chartres.  They project lights and art in light on the cathedral and other buildings all over town.  Music plays to accompany the light show.  The party goes on until midnight.