Let’s Go to Bordeaux

The trains in Europe are much envied in the U.S.  The ride is fast and pleasant and quiet.  It’s a very do it yourself an adventure.  The ride to Bordeaux was 2 hours and 8 minutes. We arrived in time for a lovely lunch.

Welcome to Bordeaux, the land of wine.  All wine all the time! After checking into our beautiful hotel the Burdigala Bordeaux Hotel, we headed off to the Cite du Vin.  The City of Wine. The wine museum opened last year to great acclaim. The building is designed to look like the bacteria that turn grape juice into wine.  It has a special exhibit on the first floor and a permanent exhibit on the 2nd floor.  The permanent exhibit is very interactive and can take a couple of hours.  The entrance ticket includes the special exhibit, the permanent exhibit and 1 glass of wine. Classes and lectures on wine tasting are available for about 25 euro per person.Then back to the historic part of town to explore and drink more wine!  More sightseeing and history tomorrow.  Today was all about the history and making of wine.

Cite du Vin
Maureen samples wine on the top floor of the Cite du Vin
Big bottle of wine